C++ Video Podcasts with Bjarne

While at Stroustrup & Sutter #3, Bjarne and I took some time out to be interviewed by Ted Neward on behalf of the OnSoftware series from our mutual publisher Addison Wesley. We were only half-serious when we asked Ted to turn his I Love C# shirt inside out, but he did it — what a sport!

Two 10-minute video podcasts have been published so far:

  • Design and Evolution of C++: Talking about C++98, C++0x, and related topics including concurrency.
  • High Performance Applications with C++: Resuming with concurrency, HOPL, and enabling more than any one person could imagine in advance.

I’m told that these were in the top 25 of all tech podcasts in early July. Wow.

Here’s where you can find them:

  • Now at iTunes: Search Podcasts for Stroustrup, or click here to subscribe to OnSoftware video podcasts or here to subscribe to audio podcasts.
  • (Workaround) Now through OnSoftware Video RSS: In MP4 format, if you don’t do iTunes and have an MP4 viewer.
  • Soon at InformIT: To escape the iTunes and MP4 tyrannies, watch this homepage to see when they go up. I’m told InformIT will be self-hosting the podcasts sometime in the next week or two.

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