Trip report: Spring ISO C++ meeting

I just posted my Lenexa ISO C++ trip report over on covering our recent meeting.

The ISO C++ committee is shipping more work sooner via concurrent Technical Specifications, but it’s still fairly new to find ourselves doing so much work that the “new normal” is to issue an international ballot from every ISO C++ meeting. This time, we completed three Technical Specifications (Transactional Memory, Library Fundamentals, and Parallelism) and sent out another for its comment ballot (Concurrency). We also did quite a bit of forward-looking planning for C++17, which is much closer than one would think since we’re aiming for a comment draft in mid/late 2016.

And check out the CppCon angle… it’s great to see the committee/community interaction and collaboration, and I can’t wait for CppCon in September and the fall ISO C++ meeting in October.