Effective Concurrency: Use Thread Pools Correctly – Keep Tasks Short and Nonblocking

This month’s Effective Concurrency column, “Use Thread Pools Correctly: Keep Tasks Short and Nonblocking”, is now live on DDJ’s website.

From the article:

… But the thread pool is a leaky abstraction. That is, the pool hides a lot of details from us, but to use it effectively we do need to be aware of some things a pool does under the covers so that we can avoid inadvertently hitting performance and correctness pitfalls. Here’s the summary up front:

1. Tasks should be small, but not too small, otherwise performance overheads will dominate.

2. Tasks should avoid blocking (waiting idly for other events, including inbound messages or contested locks), otherwise the pool won’t consistently utilize the hardware well — and, in the extreme worst case, the pool could even deadlock.

Let’s see why. …

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A Wryly Repurposed Quotation

In my travels, I recently came across this empty store with an almost-empty box beside the front door. As seen in Monterey, CA:


Evidently some character had also noticed the empty store with its empty box, and decided to do a little walk-by wry economic commentary via repurposed quotation. Zooming on the once-empty box:

IMG_0223 IMG_0224