Andy Koenig’s C++ Blog, and Parrots

I recently discovered that Andy Koenig has a blog on DDJ (recommended). For those keeping score at home, Andy is one of the folks that Scott Meyers named as his "most important C++ people ever" last year. Andy is #2 (in chronological order), after Bjarne Stroustrup of course.

On a whimsically related note, I also recently had the pleasure of watching the engaging documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (also recommended). I mention it here because the main subject, Mark Bittner, reminds me a lot of Andy. Mark talks very much like Andy, and he even looks a little similar. I apologize in advance to those who think any similarity is all in my head, especially if they’re Mark (or Judy) or Andy (or Barb).

For the attention-span-challenged, I-can’t-wait-for-Netflix generation (which sometimes admittedly includes me, sigh), you can watch an interview of Mark and Judy here along with a few other related videos.

[Updated to add the chronological order note.]

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