New Dates for Effective Concurrency Seminar in Europe: May 27-29, Stockholm, Sweden

Now that I’m over the icky flu that forced me to postpone the seminar two weeks ago, I’m happy to say that we have new dates: Effective Concurrency (Europe) will be held on May 27-29, 2009, in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ll cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals: Define basic concurrency goals and requirements • Understand applications’ scalability needs • Key concurrency patterns
  • Isolation — Keep work separate: Running tasks in isolation and communicate via async messages • Integrating multiple messaging systems, including GUIs and sockets • Building responsive applications using background workers • Threads vs. thread pools
  • Scalability — Re-enable the Free Lunch: When and how to use more cores • Exploiting parallelism in algorithms • Exploiting parallelism in data structures • Breaking the scalability barrier
  • Consistency — Don’t Corrupt Shared State: The many pitfalls of locks–deadlock, convoys, etc. • Locking best practices • Reducing the need for locking shared data • Safe lock-free coding patterns • Avoiding the pitfalls of general lock-free coding • Races and race-related effects
  • High Performance Concurrency: Machine architecture and concurrency • Costs of fundamental operations, including locks, context switches, and system calls • Memory and cache effects • Data structures that support and undermine concurrency • Enabling linear and superlinear scaling
  • Migrating Existing Code Bases to Use Concurrency
  • Near-Future Tools and Features

I hope to see some of you there!

RIP: SD Conferences

The latest casualties in the technical education world are the Software Development conferences – SD West, SD Best Practices, and Architecture & Design World – which are being discontinued effective immediately, making the SD West that was just held earlier this month the last of its kind. The conferences were run by the same company that ran some important but now-defunct magazines including C/C++ Users Journal and of course Software Development Magazine, as well as Dr. Dobb’s which still exists but recently went web-only.

SD, especially SD West, has been a mainstay of the programming conferences world since 1985. I’m going to miss these shows. They were a wonderful gathering place for talks and tutorials by A-list speakers covering many technologies, from C++ to Java to AJAX and more. More personally, Bjarne Stroustrup and I immensely enjoyed giving our two-day Stroustrup & Sutter seminar there several times in recent years, and skipped this year’s event in anticipation of doing a fresh one again next spring. Alas, it’s not to be (at least not with SD).

SD, you will be missed.

Effective Concurrency: Use Threads Correctly = Isolation + Asynchronous Messages

This month’s Effective Concurrency column, “Use Threads Correctly = Isolation + Asynchronous Messages”, is now live on DDJ’s website.

From the article:

Explicit threads are undisciplined. They need some structure to keep them in line. In this column, we’re going to see what that structure is, as we motivate and illustrate best practices for using threads — techniques that will make our concurrent code easier to write correctly and to reason about with confidence.

I hope you enjoy it. Finally, here are links to previous Effective Concurrency columns and the DDJ print magazine issue in which they first appeared:

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Postponed: Effective Concurrency Europe

Right now I should be at 40,000 feet somewhere over Baffin Island on my way to Stockholm for Effective Concurrency Europe, but instead I’m in bed with a fever that I’ve had since Wednesday night and still unable to talk. The organizer and I have been staying in touch with flu updates every few hours to see if lots of “TLC and OTC” (tender loving care and over-the-counter drugs) could get me well enough to fly and push through teaching for three days; that usually works, but this time it’s a really nasty one, and we have to postpone.

I’m sorry to have to disappoint this week and for any inconvenience this will surely cause some of you, and I hope that you’ll understand. The organizer has already emailed everyone who has registered to notify you of the cancellation of this week’s dates (this post partly serves as a backup to that email), and we’ll keep you posted as we reschedule. The response has exceeded expectations by a good margin, and I’m grateful for your strong interest and planning to take time away from your schedules to come and talk concurrency with me. I’m still very much looking forward to seeing you there in the near future. (And minus potentially spreading wicked germs.)

Best wishes to you and yours,