Talks online about C++0x

Today, someone asked me if I was going to give a talk anytime soon about C++0x, the next C++ standard. I’ve blogged about it before, notably here. But I haven’t yet prepared a talk about C++0x as a whole — in the meantime, I pointed that person to the following talks, and I thought other people might enjoy knowing about them too. They’re all by experts who are active standards committee members participating in the evolution of C++, and at least one of the names is probably familiar:

Entitlement Week

According to McNews (this one and that one) this must be Entitlement Week… two examples (emphasis mine):
Wow; there must be something in the water. How did we teach people to feel they are owed so many things, from serious things like license to break the law without consequences, to trivial things like a right to have someone else’s creation suit their whims?
Maybe we need an unreality check.
[*] I’ve never watched The Sopranos and don’t know anything about the show. I watch TV only occasionally, and when I do I generally prefer fare like Dog Whisperer and an occasional Jeopardy.