My Qt World Summit keynote video is now online

The Qt World Summit videos were just posted, including my talk which was a condensed (40-minute) version of my CppCon 2017 metaclasses talk with some small tweaks for a Qt-specific audience.

Here it is below:

4 thoughts on “My Qt World Summit keynote video is now online

  1. 18:35 You write semicolon after class definitions in C++ because you write semicolon after struct definitions in C which in turn is because you can have entity declarations between } and ;
    Ditto for union and enum.
    Other {} bodies (of namespaces, functions, if-else etc. don’t have a similar requirement, so they don’t end with semicolon.

  2. Qt nice stuff…

    However, I hope that it won’t end up like the Borland… Yeah, that one. Remember Kilix.. too…

  3. At 32:30 => “I don’t want to do C++/CX any more ; life’s too short !”
    I am so happy to hear that. We don’t need those extensions, just do ISO C++. This is the way C++ rocks.
    Always the standard !

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