CppCast interview about the Oulu ISO C++ meeting

logo2xOn Saturday afternoon, at the ISO C++ meeting in Oulu, Finland, we completed the feature set of C++17 and approved sending out the feature-complete document for its primary international comment ballot (aka “CD” or Committee Draft ballot).

An hour later, I sat down (via Skype) with Rob and Jason to do a CppCast interview about C++17 and what happened at the just-concluded meeting. I hope you enjoy it. Also check out the two related links:

Yesterday was a (long) travel day as many of us made our way back home — and had ad-hoc standards discussions in several different airport departure lounges. Now that I’m back in the office with my usual coffeemaker nearby, I’ll soon get around to writing up a written trip report. In the meantime, I hope you find the CppCast and other links useful.

(Interestingly, it just now occurs to me as I write this that one of the things we just adopted for C++17 make the CppCast subtitle needlessly verbose… the “<C++>” part can now be inferred! Cute. C++ without lots of angle brackets… who knew?)

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  1. About the comment at the end, this is just if you assume this string literal type is (convertible to) C++, isn’t it? :)

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