CppCon program online

The CppCon 2015 program is up! If anything this is an even stronger program than last year, which is saying something.

My name isn’t on it yet, but yes, I am giving a talk at CppCon. It should be announced this week.

5 thoughts on “CppCon program online

  1. I noticed you weren’t on the program and thought to myself “oh no great loss I’m not going then if Herb isn’t talking”, but now I’m in a quandary again :)

  2. Looks very interesting. Are there any plans on recording [some|most|all] of this talks?

  3. @Yuriy: Yes, same as last year — the program will be professionally recorded and will be freely available online, and you should expect post-event video processing and online posting to take a couple of months. Of course, it won’t be like being there. :)

  4. Thanks, Herb. It is much appreciated by at least one person. :)

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