C++ and Beyond ‘Encore’ in 2014: Sep 29 – Oct 1, Stuttgart, Germany

A lot of you have been asking me whether there will be some sort of C++ and Beyond in 2014. Also, over the past few years many of you have also asked me if there will ever be a C&B outside North America. I’m pleased to report that we are doing a ‘European Encore’ event reprising previous C&B material.

Today on the C&B blog, Scott announced that yes, there will be a “C++ and Beyond Road Show” in 2014… in Germany! Note that this is different from previous C&B’s because the purpose is to largely repeat the C&B 2013 program at an event in Europe, in order to make it accessible to people who were not able to fly to North America for previous C&Bs. So think of it as a “C&B Encore” or “C&B Greatest Hits Roadshow Edition.”

From the announcement:

You can think of this event as the C&B Road Show, because the organization is a little different from how we’ve done things in the past:

  • Most of the talks will be updated versions of the presentations we gave at C&B 2013. (See the schedule here.) If you were unable to attend C&B this past December, this is your chance to see what you missed.
  • A group dinner on the first day is included.
  • The schedule is a bit compressed, so some aspects of previous C&Bs are not present. These include group breakfasts and evening discussion sessions.

For this event, we’ve partnered with QA Systems, the same company I’ve worked with since 1999 on technical seminars in Europe. They’ll be handling registration and all other logistical and administrative aspects of the event. Consult their web page for C&B 2014 for all the details of this event.

This will be the only C&B in 2014, so we hope to see you in Stuttgart at the end of September for the first-ever C&B in Europe!

For those of you who have attended C&B before and others who’ve been asking me whether there will be a “regular” C++ and Beyond in North America this year with new material, the answer is not this year; we don’t do a new one every year, and we’re skipping this year. If you are looking for a C++ event in North America with new material, do check out CppCon on September 7-12 in the Seattle area – I am currently planning to create some new talks for CppCon, as well as to repeat some of my C&B talks there. I hear tell that Scott and Andrei might be there too, as well as dozens and dozens of our closest speaker friends.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at C&B Europe and CppCon this fall!

7 thoughts on “C++ and Beyond ‘Encore’ in 2014: Sep 29 – Oct 1, Stuttgart, Germany

  1. @Chris: Yes, what I said was true in general — you want to agree on one instruction sequence. However, the alternative one I showed should still be correct (this is a correction) though I believe it still has minor performance drawbacks so the one I showed is preferable.

  2. I recently watched the “atomic Weapons” talks and read through the slides (dated December 23, 2013), downloaded from https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=4E86B0CF20EF15AD!24884&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AMtj_EflYn2507c

    On p35 this talks about the implementation of atomics for x86_64, and observes that there are two ways of implementing “SC Atomic” Store. It is further claimed that it would be a bad idea to use the MFENCE alternative, because a single program must choose one way throughout.

    I believe this is a misreading of the source material (http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~pes20/cpp/cpp0xmappings.html), which says that at least one of SC Atomic Load and SC Atomic Store must do a LOCK or an MFENCE. Only one needs to, but confusion will result if sometimes it’s the Load and sometimes the Store !

    I noticed on p15 the distinction between “Plain” Acq/Rel and “SC” Acq/Rel. This helped me a lot… thank you. I wish the standard was clearer that not all “acquire” operations are the same ! In particular that a “Plain Acquire” can float up past a “Plain Release”, except where they refer to the same Atomic Object.

  3. @Jon: I do intend to write more here and here, as I have time… editing the new C++ FAQ (http://isocpp.org/faq) that was launched just a couple of weeks ago, including hand-editing 50,000 words from Bjarne’s FAQ into it, consumed my writing time this winter. (I also updated quite a bit of Bjarne’s text as I went, so please consider that my fall and winter writing output… I hope you enjoy the FAQ!)

  4. @Magnus: Yes, we hope to make some of the C&B 2013 videos available, but we don’t yet know which and when. At December’s event there were recording glitches and some other constraints — see Scott’s note here: http://cppandbeyond.com/2014/03/15/status-report-on-cb-2013-video-publication/ .

    Of course, we have already made many videos available of previous C&B talks and panels — see the C&B Video Gallery at http://cppandbeyond.com/video-gallery/ for a list of freely available videos. Thanks again to Channel 9 at Microsoft for recording these and helping us to make them available!

  5. Looking forward to more information in text form, such as GotW or interesting blog posts.

  6. Herb: I think a lot more people have been asking for slides and videos of the talks. Not everyone can attend to the shindig be it for financial, time or other constraints – this is case regardless if it’s held in another continent as well.

    That said it would be really nice if say after a certain amount of time you consider putting up slides and videos of the talks to share with the rest of the C++ community, not just a privileged few who can afford to attend.

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