Trip report: Winter ISO C++ meeting

I just posted my trip report from last week’s ISO C++ meeting over on The meeting just wrapped up about 48 hours ago, on Saturday afternoon.

This is a real milestone for C++. Not only did we finish C++14 (we think, assuming this coming ballot comes back clean so that we can skip the final extra ballot step), but we made strong progress on all seven (7) of the Technical Specifications in flight… and approved starting an eighth (8th)!

Good times.

Thanks, everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

2 thoughts on “Trip report: Winter ISO C++ meeting

  1. Hi, I have a bit off-topic question – is there a reason that calling join() on a std::thread in a destructor (no exception gets out, of course) of an object with static storage duration, causes the thread to be terminated immediately on VS 2013?

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