My “One C++” talk from GoingNative is now posted

I see the recording went live this morning. Thanks again to all the speakers and in-room and worldwide attendees for coming and watching!

Day 2 Keynote: One C++

Herb Sutter

My favorite part was seeing the response to the challenge to write a cool graphical interactive C++ program from scratch in 24 hours using a library most had never seen before – Cinder or openFrameworks. In two other GN segments we showed the results. Here’s they are:

Herb’s UI Challenge Results

My Favorite C++ 10-Liner, plus UI Challenge Results Part 2 / Closing comments

Thank you all for coming! It was a blast.

2 thoughts on “My “One C++” talk from GoingNative is now posted

  1. Nice presentation, specially as it also provided a way to know about openFrameworks and Cinder.

    The major problem I see with the “One C++” speech, is that your employer is famously known for being the least C and C++ compliant compiler vendor, always investing more time and money into language extensions for Windows only frameworks like COM, ATL and WinRT, in spite of the recent “going native” focus.

  2. Really enjoyed the talk, can’t wait to watch 2D graphics’s journey along the Standard library road. Whatever happens its going to be interesting and while C++ may indeed be ‘expert friendly’, I firmly believe we can do much, much more to make it an attractive and approachable first choice for aspiring young creative developers.

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