Livestreamed talk at GoingNative this week: One C++

Don’t forget that the year’s great C++-fest GoingNative 2013 starts tomorrow morning and will be livestreamed on the Channel 9 home page.

Don’t miss the opening keynote by Bjarne Stroustrup at 9:00am Seattle time on Wednesday (other time zones). It will be followed by many other insightful and enlightening talks, from many of the gurus of C++. The first two days are about Standard C++ on all platforms; the third day contains a mix of portable platform topics and Microsoft-specific content that I think will be of interest to people working on other platforms too.

My talk is first thing Thursday, 9:00am Seattle time:

Day 2 Keynote: One C++

After a few minutes giving a promised update on VC++ conformance progress, I’ll switch to pure Standard C++ for the rest of the talk and focus on three topics:

  • ISO C++ update: The latest news from C++14 standardization now that the CD comment ballot recently concluded.
  • Portable C++ libraries update: I mentioned this at the last GoingNative, and here’s the status update people have been asking me for. This topic will get extra time for emphasis and news.
  • One C++: You’ll see what I mean…

I hope that you’ll find it to be informative, and leave with at least one or two thoughts you weren’t expecting to hear about and maybe with a different view of C++ than you had before.

In addition to the livestream, the entire conference will also be available on demand. Note that sessions typically take a few days to post after they occur, so if you miss a talk on the live feed, just be patient and it will appear.

Pre-emptive FAQ: Every time we do this, someone is disappointed that the livestream doesn’t work on their iPads or some other popular hardware. But it actually does work – just look for the alternative-format link if it doesn’t autodetect. You should be able to view it on any major platform.


8 thoughts on “Livestreamed talk at GoingNative this week: One C++

  1. Hi Herb,

    I noticed that on your 15 LOC simple C++ program slide you wrote approximately (from my lousy memory):

    for (auto& e: v)
    cout << e;

    wouldn't "for (auto e: v)" be more appropriate in that context?


  2. Good morning Herb,

    I appreciate your posts on Sutter’s Mill.

    In recent times I am having difficulty finding a consistent part of these emails to put in a mail rule so that all your posts go into a Sutter’s Mill folder.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks,

    Graeme Costin Costin Computing Services

  3. I’m looking forward to this, last years was awesome! I couldn’t afford to be there in person this year so thank you so much for making this livestreamed, it’s the next best thing.

  4. NHF to Bjarne(Stepanov recently said in the interview that it is probably unique that person like that sticks to his project for so long time and respect for that) but his talks are for noobs, nothing wrong with that but I look much more to my 2 fav C++ ppl
    STL and Andrei, although I guess I already can guess what evils of rand()%100 are :) .
    Don’t get me wrong I will prob like and watch rest of the talks including ofc Herbs(his CppAB talks were without making it sound fanboy like really influential in a sense it was not just about do dont do but also about how to use C++11 in a broader sense, though even specifics like concurrent of T were cool :) ), but STL and Andrei are like rock stars to me, except they are really cool and not fakes . :)
    Regarding C++14 – Im just happy that it is finally done so that we can get that juicy C++17 with real features, not just completed C++11. :)
    This is not to disrespect all the work of C++ committee – when I read the standard I wish Google translate had standardese to English option :P and when I don’t understand anything about relaxed atomics I just imagine what alien wizards actually managed to wrote a specification for that. :) And also what kind of alien wizards actually design CPUs that make it all happen. :)

  5. @Bryan: See the post — yes.

    @Fernando: I’ve added a time zone link to Sorry in advance that they seem to be doing a lot of history-bloating ad-linking these days.

  6. Hi Herb

    “9:00am Seattle time on Wednesday ”

    Given that there will be participants from all over the world, may I suggest you add other times as well? at least GMT?
    It’s always painful to know what is the right time for a given time-zone.


    Fernando M

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