Lost two comments

As mentioned in my GotW kickoff post, I’m experimenting with software and a workflow that lets me maintain a single source document and use it to produce the work in multiple targets, in particular to post to the blog here, to produce print books, and to produce e-books.

However, there have been kinks. In particular, on the blog I sometimes repost an update to an already-posted solution, and though it usually correctly updates the existing one, sometimes it chooses to create a new post instead and I have to delete the duplicate. That happened this morning, and I had a remove an accidental duplicate of the GotW #6a solution post.

Unfortunately, people had already left two comments on that duplicate post, and those comments seem to have got lost in the ether. I apologize for that; I think this is the first time I’ve ever lost someone’s comment, but it did happen this morning as I’m still working out kinks in the software. I believe I have a workaround and that it won’t happen again.

5 thoughts on “Lost two comments

  1. I believe duplicate/broken RSS/mail entries were also a result of the duplicate posts that were removed, and the ones with dangling links were the ones that pointed to the duplicates.

  2. Clicking on Comment and See all comments from the posts I received in my Inbox gives “page not found error”, which was working before. Now, to add any comments, one has to visit your webpage, open that particular post, and add comments. I hope this error will be fixed, too.

  3. Don’t know whether this is of interest for you, but I’m constantly getting post notifications twice. Already checked the subscriptions, seems there is only one. So, maybe this is somehow related?


    P. S.: GOTW teaches so much, thanks! ;)

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