Friday’s Q&A session now online

imageMy live Q&A after Friday’s The Future of C++ talk is now online on Channel 9. The topics revolved around…

… recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, and talks about some announcements related to C++11 support in VC++ 2012 and the formation of the Standard C++ Foundation.

Herb takes questions from a live virtual audience and demos the new site on an 82 inch Perceptive Pixel display attached to a Windows 8 machine.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Q&A session now online

  1. I am really excited about C++11 but I wished someone had thought of adding new operators.

    Specifically, I wish we had | as unary operator, as in
    double x = -0.4;
    double y = | x |;

    and || also (why not) as in: x = || w ||

    With scalar basic types, naturally, |x| would be a synonym of abs / fabs / labs.
    Standard libraries and user defined classes could overload these operators to do neat things,
    like for example
    || v || being the size (number of elements) of container v, e.g. when v is a std::vector.

    In a 3D vector library, |x| would stand for the norm of 3D vector x, and so on.

    I don’t think if would be difficult to parse that and disambiguate with the binary I and II operators.

    Sure, it would not have been a revolutionary change; syntactic sugar if you will, but a sweet one.

  2. I really dont get gcalloc lock-free connection, if somebody can link me to expanded explanation for noobs it would be nice… other than that nice session, but a bit to short… I mean ppl get a chance to grill :P Herb 1 or 2 times/year at least make it last. :)

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