The Future of C++: Live broadcast this Friday

imageIn my talk on Friday, there will be announcements of broad interest to C++ developers on all compilers and platforms. Please help spread the word.

The Future of C++

Friday, November 2, 2012
12:45pm (U.S. Pacific Time)

This talk will give an update on recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, with some announcements of interest in both areas. The speaker is the lead language architect of Visual C++ and chair of the ISO C++ committee.

The talk will be webcast live on Channel 9, and available soon afterwards on demand.

If you know people who are interested in C++, on any platform, you’ll want to let them know to tune in.

36 thoughts on “The Future of C++: Live broadcast this Friday

  1. @Javier, the slide is correct. You wouldn’t say ” – I”, you’d say ” – Me”, It is the same whether or not F. Glassborow is there.

  2. Variadic templates cool! Not being “Go Live” means you can’t use it in a commercial application though? When will we be able to use it commercially?

  3. Also, I’m very glad to see the standards committee is willing to drop a C++14 as a kind of bug-fix release, to more quickly standardize things like polymorphic lambdas and so forth. It’d also be nice to see some of the smaller library proposals get into this, like N3398 (for string conversions between unicode encodings) and maybe ranges.

    Oh, and I’m surprised (and pleased) to see a range working group. I’m not sure why you need a working group to say, “Do what Boost does,” but maybe they can one-up Boost and do it better.

  4. Variadic templates and uniform initialization! Hurray!

    Also, great website for C++.

  5. +1 Glen. it is unlikely but just imagine the power to push C++ if gcc, clang and Microsoft teams worked together.
    This is a must see! Even if that collaboration might be too much to hope for?

  6. Hmmm so much hype! It better be good! I can’t deny it’s a little exciting though!

    Hard to know what headlines to wish for! But since I’m wishing, but not expecting – If I worked at MS, I’d announce this:

    “Microsoft announces update to “common sense” to 2.0. (sorry!, had to say it)
    “Microsoft makes app store permanently free or of a nominal charge for all app types”.
    “Microsoft announces no more C++/CX, ever”.

    I know we don’t even have C++11 from MS (I expect some announcements there to say the least),
    but since I’m wishing anyway, I’d also say:

    “Microsoft invites gcc and clang developers to Build. Collectively, they all announce reference implementations in in gcc, clang and vs2012 of the following C++1y features, to get volumes of usage feedback on them from the largest C++ communtiies, way way before C++1y. Specifically (fyi, in order of my preferences for future votes!), these are:

    “N3401 – Generating move operations”.
    “N3423 – Lambda Correctness and Usability Issues”.
    “N3418 – Proposal for Generic (Polymorphic) Lambda Expressions”.
    “N3444 – Relaxing syntactic constraints on constexpr function definitions”.
    “N3436 – std::result_of and SFINAE”.
    “N3398 – String Interoperation Library”. (useful easy win)
    “N3399 – Filesystem Library Proposal (Revision 3)”
    “N3427 – Shared locking in C++”.
    “N3421 – Making Operator Functors greater” (useful easy win)

    Microsoft makes massive investment donation to Bjarne et al., to get Modules, Concepts, Multimethods, and Open Type Switch into C++1y, and further reference implementations out, if possible, out sooner.

    It is Christmas nearly, after all. :)

  7. MS specific..
    -variadic templates finally?
    -the rest of C++ 11 finally?

    as for general C++..
    -target date for next version?
    -announce the main feature they are adding in next version? (concepts/polymorphic lambda/modules?)

  8. Last time it was an announcement of Microsoft’s cross-platform GPGPU library (can’t remember the name) so my guess would be something like that. A cross-platform library allowing us to do something really cool rather than a new language feature (since nothing can have been voted in yet and we still don’t know whether we’ll get C++14 or C++17 — though it could be the announcement of the former).

  9. That said, *I can’t wait* to see what Herb has to tell us on Friday and will definitely tune in. Based on the teaser I’m especially looking forward to the second (non Visual C++ specific) half of his talk. *Excited*

  10. @Nicol: You do understand the concept of irony, don’t you? Like Herb announces something major and one brings up a nuisance every C++ developer knows, we all go “haha”, smile and move on – everybody knows that this is would not be a major announcement, therefore it’s funny to some and even those who don’t think it is usually understand that it was supposed to be. O_o (Sheldon, is it you?)

  11. “Will you fix “std::vector of bool”?”

    You know what a major announcement *isn’t*? Getting rid of vector[bool]. Oh, I totally want it gone; it was a bad idea. But that’s hardly *major*, is it?

    Major would be “the standards committee has accepted the modules proposal for C++17.” Major would be “C++ is merging with D to form a non-garbage-collected language that uses D’s much nicer syntax.”

    Major is not “we’re fixing some relatively minor issue with one class in our standard library.

  12. remember remember vector of bool is not a container. :P
    BTW if herb wanted to be ultimate troll he should say since the amount of work is huge next C++ we will be out in 2022, but let me assure you that we are 95% certain that we will get make_unique in this time!. :)

  13. Which was supposed to be “std::vector of bool”, WordPress removed what looked like a bool tag to it. Serves me right for trying to be funny.

  14. I really hope that it isnt concepts. Herb said no concepts in C++17 and C++ has much much more important deficiencies and missing features than concepts (that are cool feature in academia way but meh feature in IRL way).

  15. Updated to add: link to day/time for UTC and local times in many cities, and a link to the conference livestream (note that the conference livestream will be going all week, with lots of Windows-specific keynotes and talks).

  16. The switch from daylight saving time to standard time happens on Nov 4th this year, so it’s PDT, which is UTC-7.

  17. Uhm, since we’re around the switch between daylight and standard times which occurs on different dates in different time zones – could you give us non-Americans the time in UTC?
    IIRC Pacific Daylight Time is UTC -7hr, Pacific Standard Time is UTC -8hr. So this would be either 7:45pm UTC or 8:45pm UTC, depending on whether you still have PDT on Friday, right?

  18. I just got a surface with keyboard, it’s really great except I can not find a modern c++ compiler so that I can read the source code and write some tiny testing codes (less than 1000 lines).

    Do you have any plan to port the vs2012 to windows rt?

  19. Agreed, very exciting! We’d like to share this with the developers in our office. Are you able to provide the webcast access details?

  20. This is extremely exciting. I’ll try and reserve a meeting room and a projector for our office :)

  21. I know this has been said before, but I am so pleased with Microsofts hosting and coverage of these events (live&on demand), that I would like to give a big Thank You, once again!

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