Late-Breaking C&B Session: A Special Announcement


At the end of the Monday afternoon session, I will be making a special announcement related to Standard C++ on all platforms. Be there to hear the details, and to receive an extra perk that’s being reserved for C&B 2012 attendees only.

  • Note: We sometimes record sessions and make them freely available online via Channel 9, and we intend to do that again this year for some selected sessions. However, this session is for C&B attendees only and will not be recorded.

Registration is open until Wednesday and the event is pretty full but a few spaces are still available. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there for a top-notch C++ conference full of fresh new current material – I’ve seen Andrei’s and Scott’s talk slides too, and I think this C&B is going to be the best one yet.

You’ll leave exhausted, but with a full brain and quite likely a big silly grin as you think about all the ways to use the material right away on your current project back home.

7 thoughts on “Late-Breaking C&B Session: A Special Announcement

  1. Herb,

    I think this comment thread is just a result of you expressing yourself badly. “I will be making a special announcement related to Standard C++ on all platforms” makes it sounds as if you, in your position as chairman of WQ21 are making an announcement about the C++ standard at a conference you are organizing for the purpose of increasing attendance, which would be questionable. I suspect all you are really doing (and presumably now have done for those who heard it) is announce some new library or other, possibly to do with threading, possibly open source, which will make developers’ lives easier.

  2. my guess: either some collaboration between big guys(MS, GGL, FB, IBM) putting some money for rapid prototyping of new stuff so we can get C++17 before 2022
    or some library announcement..

  3. Your efforts are appreciated as always, Herb. I wish I could be there, but I’ll enjoy what I can get from home.

    Oh, and please let the announcement be about replacing iostreams. That’d be great!

    Though honestly, I’m guessing it’s announcing how the C++ committee is going to go about improving the standard library. The discussions from February were indicative, but not final. I hope they go for a phased deployment strategy, where each library component is done separately and released as a separated standard. That way, C++17 can integrate them all together.

  4. Repeating here what I posted on the C&B blog comment thread:

    I see I was unclear and/or there’s some confusion, so please let me try to clarify three things:

    • Meta: Free stuff
    • C&B and other recordings: More free stuff
    • Clarification of this announcement: More free stuff soon


    For the better part of 20 years now, I’ve made virtually all of my articles and talks freely available online, and I continue to do so this year with GoingNative 2012 and C&B 2012 (see below). Please check out and for examples. For why this one mini-session isn’t going to be available online yet, see also below.

    C&B and other recordings

    People may be forgetting that we did record quite a few sessions of C&B 2011 and made those recordings freely available for on-demand viewing. We just reposted the links to this blog two months ago — see list below.[*] Those talks have a total of just under 500,000 (half a million) free-as-in-beer views so far as of this writing, which is well over 1,000x the “live views” of people in the room for those same sessions.

    We intend to make many C&B 2012 sessions available the same way, even more than last year — the list of C&B 2012 sessions to make freely available on-demand is currently contemplated to include all the panels, probably all four(!) of my final talk sessions (including both part 1 and part 2 of my brand-new half-day atomics talk, a new C++ concurrency talk, and my announced “You don’t know [keyword] and [keyword]” mystery talk whose slides I’m not even putting into the attendee printed handouts because I want it to be a surprise the day of the event)… and at least one other talk I know of.

    Also, please remember that Channel 9 and I personally organized the fully-free-online GoingNative event earlier this year, at considerable organizational effort and expense not just by us but also by the world’s best C++ speakers who participated. Check it out for two solid days of free top-notch C++ content including multiple fresh new talks and panels by Bjarne Stroustrup, Andrei, and myself, as well as others. Link: .

    Clarification of this announcement

    The special announcement is for something that I will indeed announce publicly soon as soon as it’s fully ready for prime time, and that will be freely available to everyone. Had it been ready in time for C&B, I would have tried for a free *live* webcast (at my own expense), which I did investigate. Since it’s not quite ready for that, C&B attendees will get a sneak preview, which follows naturally from what C&B is primarily about — face time and interaction with the experts. Remember the major selling point of C&B is not just the content, much of which we make available for free, but the speakers being physically present before/during/after sessions for interaction and collaboration, and that’s exactly why I’m doing this — collaborating face-to-face with ~100 of the world’s top C++ experts there in the same room on a cool new project to get their pre-release input and feedback. The whole world will get to see it and use it — yes, for free — later this year, including all the improvements we’ll make between now and then including based on C&B attendee interaction and feedback. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



    [*] C&B 2011 talks freely available online include:

  5. I always like free information, in both senses of the word “free”, but I understand people who pay to physically attend an event also like to feel they are getting something for all their time, effort, and money (>$3000!), beyond what they would have gotten if they had stayed home and paid nothing. I also understand it’s a difficult line to walk for the producers of these events. So, I’m happy to get what I get, and won’t complain. I’m glad to live in America, where egalitarianism isn’t the highest value, and everyone, both producers and consumers, can make free choices in “pursuit of happiness”. Wish you every success!

  6. Well don’t record it then all us poor people from far away lands will just have to miss out. Wahay as if there was not enough injustice today. You all do a great job but this seems out of character and a bit snoby really.

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