Looking for compiler engineers

Are you a compiler engineer or know one, and looking for interesting work on a top-notch team?

We’re hiring. (That particular link says two openings, but there are more.)

3 thoughts on “Looking for compiler engineers

  1. correction: I said IBM, I meant Intel.
    MS is worth billions, just buy out the Intel C++ compiler

  2. Herb- I hope you are not going to just sit back and wait for compiler writers to respond to your job openings but go out and actively head hunt the for the best you can find. Check out the guys at PathScale, try and get some of the people on IBM’s C++ compiler team. Hire some Ada compiler writers, they usually have graduate degrees on proving compiler correctness. Hire Walter Bright do implement D in VS. I mean seriously, youre not just going to sit and wait for compiler writers to come to you, are you?

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