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  1. Awesome… Where’s “Lighthouse of C++/CLI” or “Malstroem of COM”…?

  2. @Mike McCarty: Heh heh… well the castle is nice if a bit drafty. Would be great if Alena integrated a D island somewhere! I have a ship already after all.

    Thanks Alena for a very witty map, and Jim for the awesome artistic execution.

  3. @jjsawyer Unix is a C world (with a deep hate of C++). That’s why C++ has 8% and C 17%.

  4. The new C++ 11 map is available at http://alenacpp.blogspot.com/2012/01/11.html , while the pre C++ 11 map (2009) is available at http://alenacpp.blogspot.com/2009/06/c.html .

    @Mike McCarty: Alexandrescu’s castle is on the edge of C++ lands ;-)

    @jagansai: C# just overtook C++ in January 2012 TIOBE rankings – http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html
    However, it’s a mystery to me why plain C is at 17%, while C++ is at 8%. I honestly don’t know that many people using C…

  5. To all the down voters,
    :-) For once I would love to have downvoted on my previous comment. I love to work on C++ and honestly I see a shift happening away from c++.

    P.S. : The place I work, we are asked to work on Java and slowly but surely converting the code base to Java.

  6. @jagansai: i dont think thats accurate. ever heard “java is the new cobol” expression? java lost a lot of ground the last couple of years, the lack of of new features that have been asked for years (is java7 ready yet?!).

    while i kinda agree on C#, its really because c# is light years away from java in so many aspects wouldnt be practical to enumerate them all here. and while adopting the new C++ features might take a while they will be adopted even if it takes 5-10 years, theres just too many C++ code bases there to move them all to a new language.

    also C++11 is such an improvement on the language, i for one am extreamelly happy with them, and while i cant use the new features at job (not all of them anyway) i can use whatever vc++2010 provides since thats what i use at work, and lambdas are just delicious :D

  7. I couldn’t find the “undefined behavior” -(quicksands|beast|chasm|whatever..), and the “implementation defined behavior”-whatever. Are they missing?

  8. Herb,
    All this is fine. But, you know what ? Most of the code bases in application programming are moving at a steady rate to Java / C#. I hear more of Java madness. Most of the places where c++ code is on UNIX platform are not bothered about the changes to the language since they are anyways using an age old c++ compiler.

  9. I thought Alexandrescu moved his Castle out onto some hippy commune island named “D”… ;^)

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