ISO C++11 Published


ISO has now published the new C++11 standard and issued a press release: English here, French here.

Thanks again to everyone who made this happen, most especially Bjarne Stroustrup, who not only invented the language three decades ago, but as Evolution Working Group subgroup chair continues to be an active guiding force in its continued evolution. C++11 wouldn’t be the same without the wisdom of his experience and his able direction.

Preemptive note for those who are concerned that ISO charges money for the final official text of the standard: There are, or will soon be, several good options ranging from cheap to free. First, all of the C++11 working drafts and papers are freely available at the WG21 committee page, including near-final drafts of the standard, except only for the final text where ISO asserts copyright. Second, as national bodies ratify and publish the standard themselves, you will be able to purchase the final text of the standard from them instead of ISO if you prefer (the only difference will be the cover page); for example, ANSI published the previous C++ standard in PDF form for $18, which is much less than most C++ books.

ISO’s bulletin text follows:


C++ language gets high marks on performance with new ISO/IEC standard

C++, one of the most popular programming languages used in everything from Web browsers to 3D video games, has been fully updated and published as, ISO/IEC 14882:2011, Information technology – Programming languages – C++.

C++11’s improvements incorporate many of the best features of managed languages. Its new features extend C++’s traditional strengths of flexibility and efficiency.


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Le langage C++ remarqué pour sa performance grâce à une nouvelle norme ISO/CEI

C++, un des langages de programmation les plus populaires utilisé dans tout, du moteur de recherche Internet aux jeux vidéo en 3D, a fait l’objet d’une mise à jour complète, publiée dans le document ISO/CEI 14882:2011, Technologies de l’information – Langages de programmation – C++.

Les améliorations apportées à C++11 intègrent un bon nombre des points forts des langages managés. De nouvelles fonctionnalités viennent rehausser la souplesse et l’efficacité de C++.


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32 thoughts on “ISO C++11 Published

  1. It isn’t really supposed to be “readable” like a good book, it’s supposed to be a precise description of the language. I have no idea how well it does on that score; I’ve never seen it and am probably unqualified to judge in any case. There are excellent reasons why comparing it to a book like _Exceptional C++_ for the sake of justifying its price is a total non-sequitur, but this probably isn’t one of them.

  2. Other ISO standards are free – e.g. Ada (all 3 past revision and the newest coming next year – although implementations are available now).

  3. Herb
    Please do consider making VC++11 a little more conformant w.r.t C++11. A recent post on vcblog listed the changes and relative to VC++10 the progress isn’t that big of a leap. At the very least can’t we not have delegating constructors?

  4. Just because you are too dumb to get it doesn’t make it a “joke of a language”…

  5. Cheers to another awesome tool! I wonder what C++11 is offering when the previous version has a definite way of making programmers do what their mind has conceived. Congrats to the developers!

  6. Yay. Now I have to just wait for someone to convert the English version to something that’s a little more readable :)

    i.e. I hope Stroustrup going to do another “The C++ Programming Language”

  7. Javier, I was able to download n3291 before they hid it and it does contain changes, for instance how constexpr works, standard library noexcept additions etc. So I would say no, n3242 is not reliable.

  8. Congratulations!!.
    Now C++11 will rock for other 12 years. Also lately Native development is coming back to life as Microsoft moving all their development to native and almost all platforms out there are getting that native development is the way to go, so this push C++ more forward and its great for the future of the ecosystem.

  9. Is draft n3242 a reliable paper? I’ve seen a newer revision n3291 on the mailing lists (though I cannot download it, user/pass required)

  10. Agreed. Finding out that VCNext was going to have very few new language features was quite a disappointment. Is there some chance that VCNext might get an SP1 that provides actual langauge features, like varadic templates and uniform initialization?

    Supposedly, Microsoft is championing this “C++ Renaissance”. Well that’s fine, but from what I can see, Microsoft spent more time in VCNext adding compiler extensions than adding C++11 language features. So it doesn’t seem like a “C++ Renaissance” so much as a “MiC++rosoft Renaissance”.

  11. Because the Java Language Specification is not an international ISO standard; C++ is. Sun didn’t bother to make the language an international standard.

  12. Herb comparing standard to a book is not fair IMHO… I mean for 90+% of cpp programmers standard is unreadable. Or at least not worth the trouble… And in some areas it is not even that deep… I remember looking for some atomic stuff there… I found better documentation of atomic library on the web than in the standard draft

  13. Java Language Specification is available for free. Why C++ standard pdf is not?

  14. You ought to be concerned about being concerned with a f*cking joke of a language.

  15. I am concerned about the the level of conformance of existing and upcoming compilers.

  16. Congratulations!

    n3242 is 1334 pages long. I certainly hope the final version needed 3 extra pages …

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