Daniel Moth’s C++ AMP session is now online

In my keynote on Wednesday, I highlighted just the top two important features in the C++ AMP programming model. That afternoon, my coding colleague and demo demigod Daniel Moth gave a 45-minute session covering the entire C++ AMP programming model that walked through all the features with more examples. Daniel’s talk is now also online at Channel 9. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: The PDF slides link is small but important — the screen isn’t easy to see in the video itself.

One thought on “Daniel Moth’s C++ AMP session is now online

  1. Hi Herb


    This article caught my eye about how a Go program once further optimized finally yielded a version as fast as a comparable C++ program. Interestingly, the authors confessed that even then the C++ version was still more readable and used a lot less memory thanks to destructors etc. That’s if I read the article correctly.

    Who knew a C++ program could be more readable than anything?! :)

    Anyway, reading the comments, several commentators expressed curiosity about how a C++0x optimized version would compare…

    So, anyone here (maybe even you Herb?) feel like creating a basic C++0x optimized, or even an AMP’d, PPL’d or other version of the program (follow the links to find it), to raise the challenge to Go a bit further?!

    I’d love to here any thoughts about it even!

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