Reminder: Vote on AMA questions by tomorrow night

As promised, reminder: The followup interview on Channel 9 has been scheduled, and will be shot on Thursday, June 2. You have until midnight June 1 (North American Pacific time) to post new questions, and to vote others’ questions up/down.

If you haven’t been back to the call for questions page for a few days, please take a minute now to go back and vote for/against the questions that have been submitted in the comments. Your votes matter to help us know which questions are of most interest to the most people, and we’ll take as many of the highest-rated ones that we can.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: Vote on AMA questions by tomorrow night

  1. Typically, according to Charles, editing and posting takes a few days, it is likely hat the video to appear between now and Friday. I’m also anxiously awaiting :)

  2. Soo, when will this interview be posted? I’m very much looking forward to it.

  3. I thought it was the 1st today…d’oh! An answer would still be nice though…

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