Interview on Channel 9

Over the holidays, Erik Meijer interviewed me on Channel 9. We covered a wide variety of topics, mostly centered on C++ with some straying into C#/Java/Haskell/Clojure/Erlang, but ranging from auto and closures to why (not?) derive future<T> from T, and from what the two most important problems in parallelism are in 2011 to why and how to taste new programming languages regularly. I think it turned out well. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Interview on Channel 9

  1. Erik was slugging but Herb was dancing. It was quite a performance.

    I swear; one interview like that is worth several marketing dept budgets in terms if keeping me “microsoft leaning”.

    If only Erik had thought to say: “so Herb, isn’t it interesting how ‘native’ is coming back onto developers’ radar due to google native client”.

    We are left speculating as to what Herb would have said. “Well I wouldn’t want to comment on a competitor’s product but….”

  2. Extraordinarily interesting interview. Well done.

    Its always nice to hear a shout out given to the University of Waterloo :) I did not have the pleasure of taking that course during my time there, and while I do periodically try diving into new languages, I’ve not tried to do so every other week!

    Also, I am glad you mentioned Reader/Writer locks as one of the important missing features of C++0x ;)

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