Effective Concurrency Course: June and (Not) October

I forgot to blog about this until now because of focusing on the Effective Concurrency course in Stockholm a few weeks ago, but to answer those who wonder if I’ll be giving it again in North America too: Yes, I’m also giving the public Effective Concurrency course again at the end of this month at the Construx facility in Bellevue, WA, USA. This will be the full four-day version of the course. Spaces are still available.

I’ll cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals: Define basic concurrency goals and requirements • Understand applications’ scalability needs • Key concurrency patterns
  • Isolation — Keep work separate: Running tasks in isolation and communicate via async messages • Integrating multiple messaging systems, including GUIs and sockets • Building responsive applications using background workers • Threads vs. thread pools
  • Scalability — Re-enable the Free Lunch: When and how to use more cores • Exploiting parallelism in algorithms • Exploiting parallelism in data structures • Breaking the scalability barrier
  • Consistency — Don’t Corrupt Shared State: The many pitfalls of locks–deadlock, convoys, etc. • Locking best practices • Reducing the need for locking shared data • Safe lock-free coding patterns • Avoiding the pitfalls of general lock-free coding • Races and race-related effects
  • High Performance Concurrency: Machine architecture and concurrency • Costs of fundamental operations, including locks, context switches, and system calls • Memory and cache effects • Data structures that support and undermine concurrency • Enabling linear and superlinear scaling
  • Migrating Existing Code Bases to Use Concurrency
  • Near-Future Tools and Features

I hope to see some of you there!

Update 8/19: I had planned to do the EC course again in October (hence the post title) but that now has to be deferred to sometime in the new year. Sorry for any inconvenience to those of you who had already registered, or were planning to. I’ll blog about it here when it’s rescheduled.

8 thoughts on “Effective Concurrency Course: June and (Not) October

  1. @Andy: Alas, I had to delay the October course offering and we expect it to be rescheduled sometime in the new year. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, and I will blog about it here when new dates are set.

  2. Are you still giving the Effective Concurrency seminar at Construx in October?

    It had been on their schedule for a while. I just convinced my manager to send me and now it looks like it’s not scheduled anymore.

  3. Posting on a blog seems an obvious choice. The word will quickly spread and reach reddit/stackoverflow/newsgroups. Unfortunately the blog comment system is far from perfect for a discussion – for that classical newsgroups seem to unparalleled.
    Stackoverflow with the ranking system provide nice way of ranking the comments (bullshit detector).

  4. @Fabio: Yes, I’m working on Effective Concurrency. You can see the progress in my EC columns in Dr Dobb’s that I blog about here; each will be updated and become an Item in the book.

    @Ben: I’m thinking of updating XC++ for C++0x, but to get there will reissue the corresponding Guru of the Week articles over the course of a number of months, probably more than a year, so that when I’m done I’ll have the material to combine into XC++ 2e. I’ve been undecided about where the right place is to post something like GotW these days: just here on the blog, on comp.lang.c++.moderated, on Stack Overflow, and/or somewhere else?

  5. Since everyone is in the question-asking mode, let me chip in:

    what about the next edition of “Exceptional C++”? I am thinking of buying it, but I wouldn’t want to see a new edition come out immediately afterward.

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