Webinar Now Available On Demand

The webinar I did with James Reinders three weeks ago is now online for on-demand viewing. The link is the same as before:

Five Years Since Free Lunches: Making Use of Multicore Parallelism

Reflecting on the five years since "The Free Lunch is Over" article and the arrival of multicore processors, Sutter and Reinders will talk about the keys to making effective use of multicore parallelism. Programmers are in the midst of an evolution that takes time, and we are still in the early days. Sutter and Reinders share expert advice on how to view this transition, and the keys to getting it right—including a three-pillar model for concurrency, the need to maximize the number of tasks expressed in a program, and how abstractions encourage "many task" programming, while allowing overheads to be driven down under-the-covers.

Intel wants you to register (which is free), then you can watch the video and listen to the live (and sometimes quite lively) Q&A we held at the end. I hope you enjoy it!

Note: When we did it live, the audio was missing for part of the presentation. I’m told the glitch has been fixed, and the complete video, soundtrack and all, is available in the on-demand version.

4 thoughts on “Webinar Now Available On Demand

  1. Hello, I’m also interested in this webinar but the site says it’s no longer available. Is it available somewhere else?

  2. flash video test passes though, so I think the only problem there is that the video is no longer available on demand…

  3. Herb, I know this is not your fault. Just wanted to let you know that after subscribing to the events (3 of them) I got to all of them “This presentation is no longer available”

    Also when doing a system check for viewing on my ubuntu sytem it says :-)

    Operating System Failed We have detected that your operating system does not meet the optimal webcast specifications for listening to and/or viewing webcasts. We recommend the following operating systems:
    Windows XP SP2, and Mac OS X 10.4.
    Please note that users with older versions of Windows (Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95), Mac, Linux, and Unix operating systems may or may not experience difficulties listening to and/or viewing webcasts. Please contact your network administrator regarding any operating system upgrades.

    Browser Passed

    Cookies Passed

    testing final result

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