C++0x FCD launches, will be freely available online in about a week

This morning, the C++0x Final Committee Draft (FCD) text was completed by our tireless project editor Pete Becker, approved by the review committee of Steve Adamczyk and Howard Hinnant, and sent to SC22 for FCD ballot. The SC22 secretariat has informed us that the FCD ballot will begin today and close on July 26.

Thank you to everyone involved with the C++ committee for the huge amount of work they’ve invested over the past six months and more to resolve design corner cases, drive down issues list bug counts, and make it possible for us to approve several key papers and unanimously vote out an FCD two weeks ago in Pittsburgh. After two more weeks of hard work to apply the approved papers to the working draft, today the baby was ready to dress up in a cute ISO cover sheet and show to the world. As Joe Biden might say, this is a big deal.

The FCD document will be freely-as-in-beerly available on the committee’s 2010 papers page in about a week, when the post-meeting mailing goes up. Watch that space for details.

[Updated 3/26 to spell out “Final Committee Draft”]

4 thoughts on “C++0x FCD launches, will be freely available online in about a week

  1. The FCD and DIS documents have now been posted on the papers page linked above.

  2. I can’t say more to you and the other committee members than this:


  3. Alphabet soup!

    FCD = Final Committee Draft

    Great news… it’s been a long road.

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