PDC’09: Tutorial & Panel

For those of you coming to PDC’09 in Los Angeles a couple of weeks from now, I’ll be there for a few hours on Monday and Wednesday participating in two events:

See you at PDC!

One thought on “PDC’09: Tutorial & Panel

  1. I like your final point about how optimizations/performance will eventually become really important again. I think it may happen way sooner than the end of Moore’s law though! Almdahl’s law is a performance wall that’s approaching faster than the end of Moore’s law, so I think by the time we have to worry about Moore’s law ending we will be well beyond the “who cares about performance, computers are fast!” attitudes of some current languages.

    I wrote up a short blog post about this here: http://sebastiansylvan.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!4469F26E93033B8C!175.entry

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