Postponed: Effective Concurrency Europe

Right now I should be at 40,000 feet somewhere over Baffin Island on my way to Stockholm for Effective Concurrency Europe, but instead I’m in bed with a fever that I’ve had since Wednesday night and still unable to talk. The organizer and I have been staying in touch with flu updates every few hours to see if lots of “TLC and OTC” (tender loving care and over-the-counter drugs) could get me well enough to fly and push through teaching for three days; that usually works, but this time it’s a really nasty one, and we have to postpone.

I’m sorry to have to disappoint this week and for any inconvenience this will surely cause some of you, and I hope that you’ll understand. The organizer has already emailed everyone who has registered to notify you of the cancellation of this week’s dates (this post partly serves as a backup to that email), and we’ll keep you posted as we reschedule. The response has exceeded expectations by a good margin, and I’m grateful for your strong interest and planning to take time away from your schedules to come and talk concurrency with me. I’m still very much looking forward to seeing you there in the near future. (And minus potentially spreading wicked germs.)

Best wishes to you and yours,


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