Talking Lambdas with Bill Gates on BBC

[6/25: Added YouTube availability and notes.]

A few weeks ago, the BBC was in town to tape a special interview/documentary on Bill Gates. As part of the footage they got, there’s a Bill-in-a-technical-review-meeting shot that includes yours truly at a whiteboard presenting an overview-plus-drilldown on C++0x lambda functions. It was a good review; Bill’s a sharp guy with a broad and deep background and incisive questions.

Here’s the trailer and the program [YouTube]. Some bits of our VC++ team review start around 4:30 of part one and 8:05 of part two, with a few other shots later on. If you watch really closely, you can see a brief flash of a guy in a blue shirt at a whiteboard with code on it in HerbWhiteboardScrawl Sans 60pt, and then Bill gesturing and making comments about simulating lambdas using macros instead of baking them into the language, and variable capture consequences.

The BBC documentary “How a Geek Changed the World” first aired today in the UK on BBC2; I’m guessing it will repeat. I don’t know when it will air in the U.S, but as of this writing it’s on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Talking Lambdas with Bill Gates on BBC

  1. How do you simulate lambdas with macros? o.O
    Why would someone do that???

  2. Hey Herb,

    Things have been busy for you! That must have been quite the technical review to have…good to see that Bill is interested in the work being done with C++0x.

    Maybe we should go shopping for more blue shirts when you are here!

  3. Hi Herb.

    Hopefully you were talking to Bill about Lambdas and other features (like those native concurrency tools you mentioned a while back now…) that will be in VC 10 and maybe even a release date? Care to share yet? ;). By the way I noticed all the team members have vanished off the side bar of the VC Team Blog site. So is it just you that’s left now? :)

    It would be nice to see a bit more prolific blogging (a la Scott Gu’ style coming out of the VC team). I know that’s easy for me to say as it is you guys that have to write it. But I am wishing after all! :)

    So maybe it’s time you did a BBC C++0x special! I suggest calling it the VC10 news at 6! Since 10 is apparently the new 6 I hope it comes soon because I’m tried of hearing the VC6 news for the last 10 years! ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I watched it last night on the BBC’s Iplayer.
    “…and then Bill gesturing and making a comment” You did not mention the fact that Bill is pulling a face at some of your remarks that looks like “Does Herb know what he is talking about” hehe.

  5. Hey Herb,

    Good to see you on the Beeb. Disappointed they didn’t show you playing the keyboards and trying to get a room full of geeks to sing in tune!!

  6. Thanks for that… I was trying to work out what was being discussed :-)

  7. Yes the documentary was on last night, screened on the “The Money Programme”. I thought that chap writing on the board looked and sounded familiar, talking about pointers if i recall!. I was actually surprised that Mr Gates was in this type of meeting, even more impressed that he was in touch with the latest tech…hmm guess that’s how you make a billion i guess.

    You can view the documentary here –

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