Stroustrup & Sutter on C++: The Interviews

While Bjarne and I were at SD for S&S, we took time out to do an interview together with Ted Neward for InformIT. I just got word that it went live… here are the links.

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3 thoughts on “Stroustrup & Sutter on C++: The Interviews

  1. “An order of magnitude slower than C”? Haha. Rest of the comment sounds pretty crazy too. Thanks for brightening up my morning Jimmy!

  2. Hi

    To be honest I don’t think we have to worry about the future of C++ because the the excellent job that has been done at the standards committee.

    12 years ago when I started programming there was only one language worth programming in C++: A beautiful powerful beast that was only an order of magnitude slower than c.

    For me it is breath taking the enhancements and advances in the language over the last 20 years. It is almost impossible to keep up with the improvements to the language to keep in tune with the changes in the programming world. There really is not other language to program in. The simplicity and extendibility of the language make it far superior to any language available today. I cannot imagine using any other language to get some work done.

    For example if we compare it with python or Java.

    Ahh I am tired, key point if the standards committee does not change the language has no future, in my opinion you have an obvious conflict of interest in working for a company that has actively tried to destroy the language.

    The world has moved on, please take another look at the complicated rubbish you are writing about

    Did it never occur to you WHY IS THIS SO HARD, it is easier to do in assembler for the multi core chips than it is in C++.

    A language be it C, C++ or an other thing should make it easier to use the machine.

    For C++ it doest not have an obvious benifit over alot of other languages, this should change.

    Jimmy Joe

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