TR1 in (Free) VC++ Express

A few weeks ago I blogged about the VC++ update we plan to ship in the first half of next year, which includes extensive additions to MFC as well as TR1. TR1 is the first set of library extensions published by the C++ committee, nearly all of which have also been adopted into the next C++ standard, C++0x. The update will be available to users of Visual Studio 2008 Standard and above in the first half of 2008… but it will not be immediately available to users of our free C++ compiler, Visual C++ Express.

In response to that announcement, an anonymous commenter asked:

Is there planned support later on for TR1 in the Express edition?

Answer: Yes.

The current goal is to include the MFC Update & TR1 bits in the first service pack to Visual Studio 2008, including the Express Edition, but the final decision on this packaging and the timing of SP1 haven’t been firmed up yet. When they are, I’ll mention it here.