Webcast (via Intel) on September 25

On Tuesday September 25, I’ll be doing the kickoff webcast in Intel’s fall 2007 developer "webinar" series. It’ll be closely based on a talk I’ve given before on "Software and the Concurrency Revolution," but I’m going to update-and-trim material to try to leave more time for some interactive discussion. Here’s the info:

Webcast: "The Concurrency Revolution"

Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Time: 9:00am U.S. Pacific Time (click here for more time zones) *
Length: 1 hour

Although driven by the industry-wide shift to multi-core hardware architectures, concurrency is primarily a software revolution. We are now seeing the initial stages of the next major change in software development, as over the next few years the software industry brings concurrency pervasively into mainstream software development, just as it has done in the past for objects, garbage collection, generics, and other technologies. Sutter summarizes the issues involved, gives an overview of the impact, and describes what to expect over the coming decade.

They’ll be doing a concurrency-related webcast every two weeks. The second talk in the fall series will be "Steps to Parallelism NOW" by James Reinders, author of the new book Threading Building Blocks about Intel’s cool (and recently open-sourced) C++ template library for concurrency. Should be good.


* I love timeanddate.com.