Plug for the Astoria Seminar

If you enjoy C++, you should also enjoy the Astoria Seminar: Extraordinary C++ to be held on September 23-26, 2007 in Astoria, OR, USA. The event seems to have plenty of seats available, so you haven’t missed out (yet).

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the event, and I won’t be speaking or attending. But I feel confident recommending it on the strength of its speakers, if you are interested in any of the topics. Summarizing both:

  • Scott Meyers
    • An Overview of TR1
    • C++ Callbacks for C APIs
  • Andrei Alexandrescu
    • Choose your Poison: Exceptions or Error Codes?
    • Memory Allocation: Either Love It or Hate It. (Or Just Think It’s OK.)
  • Dave Abrahams
    • High Performance Generic Software Design (with Eric Niebler)
    • C++ Metaprogramming Concepts and Frameworks
  • Eric Niebler
    • High Performance Generic Software Design (with Dave Abrahams)
    • Domain-Specific Embedded Language Design with Boost.Proto
  • Walter Bright
    • Building Fast Lexers and Parsers
    • Performance Tuning Your Application

If any of the above topics gave a little tug at your heartstrings, or you want to rub shoulders with (and pick brains of) some really knowledgeable experts, I’m sure you won’t want to miss it. With Dave and Eric there (and Andrei, even though he claims to be speaking about other topics) it’s guaranteed to have a heavy dose of template- and metaprogramming-oriented material.

P.S.: Walter, thanks again for Empire! It was the cause of some happily wasted hours in my undergrad years.

One thought on “Plug for the Astoria Seminar

  1. Imigosh, Empire!  I remember wasting hours at a terminal logged into a DecSystem 10 playing empire in the late 70’s.  With ASCII graphics, it now seems quaint, but I suspect all the essential concepts of this kind of game are present, just not the eye candy. 

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