Entitlement Week

According to McNews (this one and that one) this must be Entitlement Week… two examples (emphasis mine):
Wow; there must be something in the water. How did we teach people to feel they are owed so many things, from serious things like license to break the law without consequences, to trivial things like a right to have someone else’s creation suit their whims?
Maybe we need an unreality check.
[*] I’ve never watched The Sopranos and don’t know anything about the show. I watch TV only occasionally, and when I do I generally prefer fare like Dog Whisperer and an occasional Jeopardy.

2 thoughts on “Entitlement Week

  1. Not to take sides in the whole Sopranos Ending War but if you tuned in to an episode of the Dog Whisperer and found your self watching something entirely unexpected and unrelated to the usual content (A Cat Shouterer for example) wouldn’t you percieve a breach in the implied contract between yourself and the program’s producers?
  2. FrankB: Fair question. If Dog Whisperer changed in a way I didn’t like, I’d just watch/do something else. I don’t perceive any contract, and the Dog Whisperer folks don’t owe me anything — I didn’t spend the time and resources to produce the show, they did. It’s their show to make or not, and my choice to watch it or not. If I thought the show got really stupid, and it was the final episode for all time, of course the decision should be that much simpler. :-)

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