Another Spring Talk

I’m back from the East U.S. / Europe trip, and happy to report that ACCU is just as fun as ever and Lisbon is quite beautiful (for the few hours I was able to see it, mostly through windows). In the next day or three I’ll blog about the spring C++ standards meeting we just concluded last week in Oxford… stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a quick note about a talk I’ll be giving close to home. (Any talk that doesn’t involve getting on an airplane gets bonus points.) It’s an instance of the continuously-evolving overview of the concurrency landscape and what it means for software, with a roadmap for our next decade or so. If you’re in the Seattle area, you might be interested in swinging by.

Keynote: Software and the Concurrency Revolution
May 10, 2007
Online Game Development Conference
Seattle, Washington, USA

Although driven by the industry-wide hardware shift to multicore hardware architectures, concurrency is primarily a software revolution. We are now seeing the initial stages of the next major change in software development, as over the next few years the software industry brings concurrency pervasively into mainstream software development, just as it has done in the past for objects, garbage collection, generics and other technologies. This talk summarizes the issues involved, gives an overview of the impact, and describes what to expect over the coming decade.