Channel 9 Interview: Software Composability and the Future of Languages

Last week, Anders Hejlsberg, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman and I recorded an interview/chat that covered a range of topics related to programming and languages.

The video is now available online. Here’s the summary pasted from the Channel 9 site:

Software Composability and the Future of Languages
Anders Hejlsberg, Herb Sutter, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman

How will imperative programming languages evolve to suit the needs of developers in the age of Concurrency and Composability? What role can programming languages play in enabling true composability? What are the implications of LINQ on the future of managed (CLS-based) and unmanaged(C++) languages? How will our imperative languages (static) become more functional (dynamic) in nature while preserving their static "experience" for developers?

Answers to these questions and much more are to be found in this interview with some of Microsoft’s leading language designers and programming thought leaders: Anders Hejlsberg, Technical Fellow and Chief Architect of C#, Herb Sutter, Architect in the C++ language design group, Erik Meijer, Architect in both VB.Net and C# language design and programming language guru, and Brian Beckman, physicist and programming language architect working on VB.Net.

This is a great conversation with some of the industry’s most influential programming language designers. Tune in. You may be surprised by what you learn…

Apologies in advance if the video doesn’t work for some combination of platforms and browsers.