My CppCon 2021 talk video is online

Whew — I’m now back from CppCon, after remembering how to travel.

My talk video is now online. If you haven’t already seen this via JetBrains’ CppCon 2021 video page or the Reddit post, here’s a link:

Please direct technical comments to the Reddit thread and I’ll watch for them there and respond to as many comments as I can. Thanks!

Thanks again to everyone who attended in person for supporting our requirements for meeting together safely. Interestingly, this was the largest CppCon ever (and the largest C++-specific conference ever as far as I know) in terms of total attendance, though most were attending online. It was good to see and e-see you all! With any luck, by CppCon 2022 our lives will be much closer to normal everywhere in the world… here’s hoping. Thanks again, and stay safe.