C9 interview with Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu, and me

Scott Andrei Herb at C&B 2011
Scott Andrei & Herb at C&B 2011

After the end of the C++ and Beyond event earlier this month, Charles Torre interviewed all three of us for Channel 9.

I thought it came out really well, and stayed firmly focused on C++ — including even during the parts we talked about D and other languages, where the focus was on how their best parts could be applied to C++.

Charles also taped more of the seminar, including the panels and my opening ‘keynote-y’ talk about the what’s and why’s of the C++ Renaissance. Some of those will also appear on C9 over time; I’ll blog about them as they go up.

Some highlights of this particular interview:

[00:00] Event debriefing

[01:38] Scott on C++ developers

[03:18] Modern C++

[04:17] Why D, Andrei? And what from D could and should be brought into C++?

[17:25] What problems does D solve that C++ can’t?

[22:03] C++ and D interoperability (COM is old, but COM is good)!

[24:22] C++11 and Beyond

[26:01] Herb, ISO C++ Committee’s next phase – what are you going to do? [note: see also more details in my trip report for the standards meeting held the following week]

[28:22] Scott, Andrei and Herb share perspectives on the ISO standards process, philosophies of language design, what C++ gets wrong, what it gets right

[49:48] Perspectives on this year’s event and if/when C++ and Beyond will happen again