C++ and Beyond 2011

I’m very much looking forward to C++ and Beyond 2011 this August, again with Scott Meyers and Andrei Alexandrescu. All of my own talks will be brand-new material never given publicly before.

This year’s program will be heavily oriented toward performance (first) and C++0x (second). There are two talks announced so far:

  • Andrei will be giving an in-depth talk on “BIG: C++ Strategies, Data Structures, and Algorithms Aimed at Scalability.” Briefly, it’s about writing high-performance C++ code for  highly distributed architectures, focusing on translating C++’s strong modeling capabilities directly to great scaling and/or great savings, and finding the right but non-intuitive C++ techniques and data structures to get there.
  • I’ll be giving a brand-new talk on “C++ and the GPU… and Beyond.” I’ll cover the state of the art for using C++ (not just C) for general-purpose computation on graphics processing units (GPGPU). The first half of the talk discusses the most important issues and techniques to consider when using GPUs for high-performance computation, especially where we have to change our traditional advice for doing the same computation on the CPU. The second half focuses on upcoming C++ language and library extensions that bring key abstractions for GPGPU — and in time considerably more — directly into C++.

An announcement for a third (also performance-focused) talk should be posted within the week, with more to come as we continue to announce the talk schedule as it firms up.

Registration is now open. I hope many of you will be able to make it.