C++ and Beyond Encore: Public Registration Now Open

Public registration is now open for the overflow “Encore” showing of C++ and Beyond. The deadline for early-bird discount registration is November 14, but if you want to make sure you get a place it would probably be good to register sooner (the first showing sold out during the early-bird period).

If you weren’t able to get into the first one before it sold out, here is a second chance to attend the same event with the same speakers; the same location; and the same solid technical program on C++ and directly related technologies, including many new and up-to-the-minute-current talks that have never before been presented publicly anywhere else. The only thing that’s different is the date: C++ and Beyond Encore runs from December 13 (evening) through 16, 2010.

Technical Program

The talk schedule with titles and speakers is available at the Location and Schedule page. The topics are designed to provide a balance of useful and pragmatic material, ranging from broadly applicable design techniques to hard-core deep dives on specific important language features. The program includes substantial coverage of:

  • C++0x features and impact: In-depth discussion of move semantics (Scott) and lambdas (me) take up most of  day 1.
  • High performance: Hardware performance issues and techniques in Scott’s “CPU Caches” talk on day 2, and then a double-barreled hit on day 3 with Andrei’s “CAS” talk on high performance concurrency and his “Super Size Me” talk on scalability-focused issues.
  • Effective design: On day 2 Andrei has lots to say revisiting “Containers and Iterators,”  and I’ll be launching day 3 with “Elements of Design” focused on design lessons learned in many domains but all useful today in your production C++ code.
  • Three panels: The first and last are dedicated to answer your questions, submitted in advance and live at the event. The second promises to be an interesting and informative “cage match” where each of the speakers will choose two or three issues that they feel strongly about, but that are potentially controversial and bound to lead to lots of instructive discussion and debate about ideal designs and pragmatic tradeoffs.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the beautiful Pacific Northwest later this year!

Watch the C++ and Beyond site and RSS feed for further announcements, including detailed talk abstracts to be posted soon.

Updated 10/22 to remove the deferred GotW-0x talk.