Links I enjoyed this week

C++ and C++0x

C++0x Core Language Features in VC10 [Visual C++ 2010] (MSDN)
This is the VC++ team’s overview, side by side with the previous release. Includes handy links to the C++ committee paper numbers.

See also Scott Meyers’ C++0x feature availability tracker for gcc and VC++, which is fairly up to date although it primarily represents the compiler versions and features that Scott has exercised personally, not necessarily the latest compiler or all features that are actually supported.

Other interesting stuff

Ars Technica Reviews the iPad (Ars Technica)
Here’s a good example why I often like Ars reviews better than those at other “gizmo” sites (you know who you are). Whereas lots of other sites climbed over each other to be the first to breathlessly post reviews based on using the iPad simulator rather than having real hardware in hand and actually using the device they’re reviewing, Ars waited until their reviewers could report based on actually using the device personally. What a refreshing idea!

Of course, to make it a no-brainer purchase for me, it still needs a stylus and OneNote.