Links I enjoyed reading this week

Concurrency-related (more or less directly)

Samples updated for ConcRT, PPL and Agents (Microsoft Parallel Programming blog)
Update to the samples for the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate. Hmm, I suppose I should include a link to that too:

Intel’s Core i7-980X Extreme processor (The Tech Report)
Desktop part with 12 hardware threads (6 cores x 2 threads/core), 32nm process, >1.1B transistors.

General information/amusement

Application compatibility layers are there for the customer, not for the program (Raymond Chen)
You wouldn’t believe the backward-compatibility hoops we all need to jump through hold in the right place for older apps to jump through, and then the app developer asks for more…

Jetpack to be commercially available soon? (Gizmag)
Yes, we see a story like this every few years. This one actually gets the flight time beyond just one minute. Now if we could only take the expected price down by one order of magnitude, and safety up by an order of magnitude or three…

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