Effective Concurrency: Design for Manycore Systems

This month’s Effective Concurrency column, Design for Manycore Systems, is now live on DDJ’s website.

From the article:

Why worry about “manycore” today?

Dual- and quad-core computers are obviously here to stay for mainstream desktops and notebooks. But do we really need to think about "many-core" systems if we’re building a typical mainstream application right now? I find that, to many developers, "many-core" systems still feel fairly remote, and not an immediate issue to think about as they’re working on their current product.

This column is about why it’s time right now for most of us to think about systems with lots of cores. In short: Software is the (only) gating factor; as that gate falls, hardware parallelism is coming more and sooner than many people yet believe. …

I hope you enjoy it. Finally, here are links to previous Effective Concurrency columns:

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5 thoughts on “Effective Concurrency: Design for Manycore Systems

  1. Captain: You can find a hi-res version of the image with legible legend at the site of the original “The Free Lunch Is Over” article. (The article text is unchanged from its original publication, I just updated the image.)

    sean: Evidently something along the way ate the diacritical.

  2. Hi Herb.
    Thanks for your great articles.
    They address the critical issue facing not just software, but the whole industry.

    I’m exploring F# for my art project which uses 100% of my 4-core to display multiple video decodes as patterns in tilings.

    Looking forward to the next 5 years, hoping for more video decode power.


  3. The ‘canonical “free lunch is over”‘ graph image on the first page is a bit small & unclear (looking at the key). You can zoom enough to get the gist though.

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