Effective Concurrency Seminar in Europe: March 16-18, Stockholm, Sweden

A number of people have asked whether I will be teaching my Effective Concurrency seminar in Europe. The answer is yes:

Effective Concurrency (Europe) will be held on March 16-18, 2009, in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my only public European seminar in 2009. I’ll cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals: Define basic concurrency goals and requirements • Understand applications’ scalability needs • Key concurrency patterns
  • Isolation — Keep work separate: Running tasks in isolation and communicate via async messages • Integrating multiple messaging systems, including GUIs and sockets • Building responsive applications using background workers • Threads vs. thread pools
  • Scalability — Re-enable the Free Lunch: When and how to use more cores • Exploiting parallelism in algorithms • Exploiting parallelism in data structures • Breaking the scalability barrier
  • Consistency — Don’t Corrupt Shared State: The many pitfalls of locks–deadlock, convoys, etc. • Locking best practices • Reducing the need for locking shared data • Safe lock-free coding patterns • Avoiding the pitfalls of general lock-free coding • Races and race-related effects
  • High Performance Concurrency: Machine architecture and concurrency • Costs of fundamental operations, including locks, context switches, and system calls • Memory and cache effects • Data structures that support and undermine concurrency • Enabling linear and superlinear scaling
  • Migrating Existing Code Bases to Use Concurrency
  • Near-Future Tools and Features

I hope to see some of you there!

5 thoughts on “Effective Concurrency Seminar in Europe: March 16-18, Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Hi Herb,

    I’ll be in Sweden in March and April, because I have to work in a C# project there. That’s great news!

    I’ve read a new book published by Packt Publishing “C# 2008 and 2005 Threaded Programming”, by Gaston Hillar – http://www.amazon.com/2008-2005-Threaded-Programming-Beginners/dp/1847197108
    The book is great for me, because I am a beginner.
    Now, I can understand your posts and I can work harder to be a professional multicore programmer.

    I hope to see you in Stockholm, Sweden.

  2. Hi Herb,

    I’d like to translate to russian some of your articles about concurrency and multithreading and post it to my blog, of course preserving all links to original materials (to your blog or ddj.com).
    Can I do this from “copyright” point of view?


  3. Is the seminar the only way to meet during your Stockholm visit? We’ve just informed 8 people they will be laid off, so I don’t think the seminar will happen for me…

  4. Not to complain since I’m sure it worth it for many, but the price keeps me from attending unfortunately. Too bad, it would be nice to have some books signed :)

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