Concurrency Town Hall: On the web, this Monday, December 3

Earlier this fall, James Reinders and I each gave concurrency webcast as part of Intel’s fall webcast series. On Monday, James and I are going to be following that up with a virtual Town Hall panel discussion on concurrency, with Dr. Dobb’s editor Jon Erickson as our moderator. Should be cool. And you are invited to attend.

Here are the coordinates:

Date: Monday, December 3, 2007

Time: 9:00-10:00am U.S. Pacific Time


Web simulcast (doesn’t require Second Life):

I expect that most people will be watching the event via the live simulcast on Second Life Cable Network. Use that if you’re not a Second Life member, or if you are a member but can’t get in there because the SL servers are expected to reach their maximum capacity for a single event.

There’s also a network breakfast before the town hall portion. Here’s the full description, as it appears on Intel’s site:


A virtual Town Hall held in Second Life by Intel Software Network and Dr. Dobb’s Journal

December 3, 2007 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET) on Intel and Dr Dobb’s Islands.

Meet Intel and Industry experts, learn about parallel programming and concurrency trends, let your voice be heard.

This half day event will begin with a networking breakfast on Dr. Dobbs Island where you will have the ability to meet some of Intel’s best engineers. Tim Mattson (Intel Principal Engineer, Designer of the 80 Core test chip parallel application and one of the creator’s of Open MP*) will give a brief introduction on our transition to a many-core world.

Following breakfast, attendees will adjourn to Intel Island for the virtual town hall. This event will be moderated by Jonathan Erickson (Editorial Director, Dr. Dobb’s) and will feature Herb Sutter (Architect, Microsoft, and chair of the ISO C++ Standards committee) and James Reinders (Chief Evangelist and Threading Guru for Intel Software Products) who will debate and discuss issues involved in realizing the promise of parallelization. As in any town Hall, your input will be vital.

After the town Hall, Peretz Stine of Intel Island and Rissa Maidstone of Dr. Dobbs will lead tours of their respective islands.

Schedule for December 3, 2007:
• 8:00-9:00 AM SLT – Networking Breakfast with Tim Mattson
• 9:00-10:00 AM SLT – Town Hall Meeting with Jon Erickson, James Reinders and Herb Sutter
• 10:00-11:00 AM SLT – Tour of Intel and Dr. Dobbs Islands

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This event will be simulcast live on Second Life Cable Network: