EC: A new column on Effective Concurrency

I’m pleased to say that I’m starting a new column on Effective Concurrency in DDJ, and the first installment just went live.
It’s titled "The Pillars of Concurrency" and tries to make the case that we need to have a consistent mental model for talking about concurrency issues if we’re going to make any serious headway in designing and using concurrent systems. In particular, as the article notes:
Have you ever talked with another developer about concurrency, and felt as though you were somehow speaking completely different languages? If so, you’re not alone. You can see the confusion in our vocabulary…
Next month’s article is already in post-production. It’s titled "How Much Scalability Do You Have or Need?" and it’ll be online about a month from now. I’ll let you know here once it hits the web.
And who knows? If this newfangled essential-Items-at-3-to-5-pages-each format turns out to be popular, there just might eventually be a book here…

3 thoughts on “EC: A new column on Effective Concurrency

  1. I am willing to wait until the book comes out to buy one. until that time, am happy to read all the stuff you have to post. Thoroughly enjoyed it Herb. Give us more of the same stuff!!
  2. Shouldn’t it be called ‘Exceptional Concurrency’, in case Scott Meyers wants to talk about concurrency too? :)

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