Part 2 of concurrency interview with DevX

Part 2 of DevX’s interview with me about concurrency just went live on the web. From the article’s blurb:

What does the future hold for concurrency? What will happen to the tools and techniques around concurrent programming? In part two of our series, concurrency guru Herb Sutter talks about these issues and what developers need to be reading to understand concurrency. 

… In this final installment he looks into his crystal ball with an eye towards the future and gives developers hints for the resources they need to be better concurrent programmers.

This part touches on a variety of topics, from right-now items like delivering parallelism internally inside libraries to shield the programmer from knowing about concurrency and where to look for further reading, to future topics like transactional memory and upcoming homogeneous vs. heterogeneous manycore CPUs. I hope you enjoy it.

(March’s part 1 is here.)