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GoingNative 2012 Day 1 is just concluding, and we’re getting ready for Day 2 tomorrow with more C++11 information and panels.

Day 2 kicks off tomorrow at 9:30am U.S. Pacific time, with the theme “C++11 Today and Tomorrow.” Day 1’s focus was entirely about C++11 as it exists today; Day 2 is partly about C++11 right now, and partly about forward-looking material about where compilers and the standard itself are heading.

In the morning:

  • First I’ll give a talk on C++11, VC++ and Beyond. After a couple of Microsoft-specific announcements at the beginning, the bulk of the talk is about C++11 today – what the key features are that will change C++ coding style, idiom, and guidance the most; tips on how to use those particular features well and the common initial mistakes we’re seeing people make as we’re all learning this together as an industry; how C++11 adoption is progressing throughout the industry from libraries to compilers to books; and finally some concluding thoughts about future directions of ISO C++, starting with the next standards meeting which begins in just three days.
  • Then we’re excited to have Google’s Chandler Carruth with us to talk about the Clang compiler, a “reimagining” (sorry) of gcc that we think is one of the most exciting investments in the C++ world today and something people will want to know about. (Note: No hidden meaning here; the VC++ compiler team isn’t planning to switch to Clang or anything, we’re just really excited to see this as yet another part of the investment pouring into C++ across the industry and want to help people know more about it.)

In the afternoon, we switch to forward-looking topics, and the two talks are about proposals that will begin to be considered at next week’s ISO C++ meeting:

  • Andrei Alexandrescu has agreed to deliver a brand new talk on “static if” for C++. I personally invited Andrei and Walter Bright to propose this feature for ISO C++ based on his experience with it in D, and Walter and I will be presenting the proposal next week at the Kona ISO C++ meeting.
  • Bjarne Stroustrup and Andrew Sutton cover the latest in the still-active C++ concepts effort as the final talk of the event. We decided to request that particular talk because, even though concepts are not ready to come into ISO C++ again in the short term, they are still very interesting and people constantly ask about them, so we wanted to cover that important topic.
  • Finally, we’ll cap the event with an extended 90-minute Q&A panel with all the speakers. Again, you can tweet questions to #ch9live or #GoingNative during any of the talks and we’ll cover as many of them as possible at the end of the talk, but especially be ready to tweet your questions during the panel which is entirely reserved for extended Q&A. This is your chance to pick the brains of a Who’s Who of modern C++, and it’ll be the fourth time in this event that Bjarne will be on stage – he is graciously expending himself for our benefit this week, so take advantage of his availability, and that of the other speakers!

I hope you enjoy it. Repeating the graphics and links for convenience:






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