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JG Questions

1. What is the Pimpl Idiom, and why is it useful?

Guru Questions

2. What is the best way to express the basic Pimpl Idiom in C++11?

3. What parts of the class should go into the impl object? Some potential options include:

  • put all private data (but not functions) into impl;
  • put all private members into impl;
  • put all private and protected members into impl;
  • put all private nonvirtual members into impl;
  • put everything into impl, and write the public class itself as only the public interface, each implemented as a simple forwarding function (a handle/body variant).

What are the advantages/drawbacks of each? How would you choose among them?

4. Does the impl require a back pointer to the public object? If yes, what is the best way to provide it? If not, why not?

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