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At PDC 2010 this week, I participated in a panel and gave one talk. Both are now online for live on-demand viewing.

Note: The talks should work on any browser. They do not require Silverlight. If you get a message that Silverlight is needed, it just made a mistake in auto-detecting your browser (I’m told this happens with Firefox sometimes), so just click on one of the alternate formats and Bob’s your uncle.

Here they are:

1. Languages Panel (update: new link)

I got to participate again this year on a fun panel on programming languages and software development, together with fellow panelists Anders Hejlsberg (creator of Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and C#), Gilad Bracha (of Java and Newspeak fame), and Mark S. Miller (of Ecmascript and E and general security fame). Our esteemed moderator, Erik Meijer, is one of the original designers of LINQ in C# and has contributed heavily to many other languages.

2. Lambdas, Lambdas Everywhere (update: new link)

This is a shortened version of the full lambdas talk I gave at C&B on Wednesday, and will be giving again at C++ and Beyond Encore this December. To get the full talk, come to C&B Encore… but to get a good chunk of it, check out this version online.

Note: Just before the talk, I went around the room to chat with individual attendees, and discovered that a lot of the audience members were C# programmers who didn’t realize this was a C++ talk. Just before we went live, I spoke up to the room and alerted everywhere about that, and nearly everyone stayed anyway, which was nice. But if you wonder why I mentioned C# lambdas a number of times to this audience, that’s why.

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